Track 912T

by Michael Bai on 15. May 2012

in Track Bowling

Surface finish: Box
Layout: –
PAP: 5 1/8 x 0
Speed: 18mph
Revrate: 350 rpm
RG: 2.50
Diff: 0.046

Ball review:

This ball reacts a lot on the backend. It doesn’t read the midlane as well as previous T balls so you’ll se a more pronounced backend and more continuation. On the fresh I had to keep my break point further right than I usually do on the test pattern and if I missed left I hit the nose every time. After some time when the track broke down I could move as far left as I wanted and the 912T would come back every time. It actually game me more room to the right than any other ball I have thrown i quite some time. Over all it is stronger than the 916AT as well as the 7-series T balls. It is best suited on higher volume patterns where you need to keep the breakpoint far right.

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