Columbia 300 Swerve FX

by Christopher Sloan on 23. March 2016

in Columbia 300

COL_Swerve_FXFinish: Box
Layout: –
PAP:  5 1/2 3/4 up
Speed: 28 kmh
Revrate: 520 RPM
RG: 2.47
Diff: 0.052

Ball review:

I really enjoyed the ball motion of the original Swerve. The Fx still allows me to see that great motion in the front and middle part of the lane but the pearl coverstock allows it to turn the corner harder downlane than the Solid Swerve. For a pearl ball it is not so sharp ball motion downlane, it does turn the corner hard but not as hard as a symmetrical pearl such as a Heat. It is a very stable and controllable ball motion which allows you to throw a ball that rolls like a hybrid in my opinion. It has the same motion through the fronts and mid-lane as a solid ball and pops off the end of the pattern like a pearl. I would recommend this ball for heavy volume medium lane patterns where you need a smooth and stable ball but with energy off the back part of the lane.





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